Pharma Exports

“Supermax Laboratories: Your Reliable Partner for
Pharma Product Export Services”

Supermax Laboratories contribute significantly to improving healthcare outcomes worldwide, enabling access to essential medications and medical products across borders. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to expand our reach globally. We aim to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of the drugs being traded. 

Our team of international marketing takes care of local regulations, specific market demand, building faithful relationships with importers and distributors. Quality control measures are essential to meet international standards and maintain the reputation of our company.

Our company has been exporting quality drugs to Afghanistan, Burundi, Myanmar, Egypt, French Africa, CIS countries, Philippines, Sri Lanka. Our team is working rigorously to expand its distribution network to Uganda, Ghana and  Nigeria. 

Exports: International marketing

WHO GMP certified

Our products are manufactured in a WHO GMP certified facility, ensuring high-quality standards for international markets.


We are compliant with ISO standards, reflecting our commitment to quality management systems.

Afghanistan registered

Registered and approved for export to Afghanistan.

In the process of registration

actively pursuing registration in Ghana, Uganda, Myanmar, Egypt, the DRC, Latin America, French West Africa, and other countries.

Direct exports

Engaging in direct export activities, delivering products directly to international markets.

Contract manufacturing exports

Providing contract manufacturing services for international clients, enabling them to access our manufacturing capabilities.

Ready Dossiers and COPP

Equipped with ready dossiers and Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product for efficient registration processes.

Dosage options

offering a range of dosage forms, including tablets, hard gelatin capsules, suspensions, veterinary, and nutraceutical products.

Beta lactam and non-beta lactam sections

maintaining dedicated sections for the manufacturing of beta lactam and non-beta lactam products

Direct and indirect distributors

Establishing partnerships with both direct and indirect distributors for a wider market reach

Exports through channel partners

Collaborating with trusted channel partners for effective distribution of our products in international markets

Our export service comprises the following

To make the export of pharmaceutical products easier, our
export service offers assistance.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Our team has knowledge of the rules governing the export of pharmaceutical products and can offer professional advice to guarantee compliance.

Logistics Support

From customs clearance to transportation arrangements, our company manages every aspect of export logistics to guarantee that goods arrive on time and in top condition.

Marketing Assistance

We offer marketing resources and assistance to help you successfully market your products in new markets. We can help you increase visibility and draw in new customers with our knowledge of market positioning and specialized strategies.

Ongoing Support

As you expand into new markets, our team will be there to offer ongoing support and direction while addressing any issues that might arise.

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