Third Party Manufacturing

India's Premier Third-Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Supermax Laboratories is India’s leading independent pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our highly educated and professional team specializes in developing pharmaceuticals that are extraordinarily effective and exceed worldwide standards. Using cutting-edge equipment and technology, we ensure that our formulations adhere to tight manufacturing criteria.

They partner with businesses looking to market premium pharmaceutical products under their own brand and who have their own production facilities. 

Their committed team of professionals makes sure that strict quality control procedures are followed during every stage of the manufacturing process. They are committed to providing excellence in all facets of their operations and work to be a reliable partner for businesses looking for high-quality pharmaceutical products made under their own brand.

Third party manufacturing

WHO GMP certified plant

Our facility is certified by WHO GMP, ensuring the highest quality standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Timely delivery

We prioritize prompt delivery to meet our clients' timelines and requirements.

In-house design

Our skilled team handles the design process internally, ensuring creativity and efficiency.

Special provision for small batches

We offer tailored solutions for small batch orders, catering to unique needs and minimizing wastage.

High-quality printing

Utilizing cutting-edge printing technology, we achieve exceptional print quality for packaging and labeling.

Competitive pricing

We strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising on product quality or client satisfaction.

Test reporting

Our in-house QA and QC labs conduct rigorous testing, providing comprehensive reports for quality assurance.

Beta Lactam and Non-beta lactam sections

We maintain separate sections for Beta Lactam and Non-beta lactam products, ensuring proper handling and manufacturing practices.

Dosage options

We specialize in manufacturing a variety of dosage forms, including tablets, hard gelatin capsules, suspensions, and veterinary nutraceutical products, catering to diverse medication needs.

We work tirelessly to achieve perfection

Supermax Laboratories Your Trusted Partner for
Pharma Manufacturing in Dehradun!

Discover the top ISO, GMP, and WHO-verified pharmaceutical medicines available exclusively from Supermax Laboratories. With the Indian government promoting the pharmaceutical industry, we proudly stand as the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Dehradun. We understand the challenges faced by newly established pharma companies, which is why we offer our comprehensive product line to support their growth. Our advanced production infrastructure ensures swift delivery and exceptional quality. Partner with us to access our expertise, industry-leading practices, and tailored manufacturing services. Choose Supermax Laboratories and propel your business to new heights of success.

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